One of the most important requirements of the SM&CR is that Firms, Senior Managers in particular, must be able to evidence that they have taken reasonable steps to ensure that a firm does not breach the FCA’s regulations.

With apportionment and delegation of responsibility a vital element of functional business, Firms must have processes in place that allow these reasonable steps to be demonstrable to the regulator as and when required.

Achieving and maintaining compliance in a cost effective and efficient way

Our holistic compliance platform not only gets you across the regulatory deadline for SM&CR but provides an ongoing solution to ensure cost effective compliance. Specifically, CCL C.O.R.E will:CCL’s holistic compliance platform not only gets you across the regulatory deadline but provides an ongoing solution to ensure cost effective compliance. Specifically, CCL C.O.R.E will:

  • Record and allocate Senior Management Functions and Prescribed
  • Responsibilities to relevant individuals
  • Register certified individuals within the firm, including intelligent process for initial and ongoing certification
  • Manage and control handover documents for each SMF
  • Record, escalate, resolve and report on breaches or incidents
  • Clear audit trail and intelligent notifications to control the delegation of tasks across the business
  • Provide an end to end compliance monitoring solution for assurance to senior management and the Board
  • Manage firm-wide intelligent attestation management, including fit and proper declarations, conflicts declarations, policy acceptance, role and responsibility attestations, responsibility map approval and more
  • Provide real-time dashboard on the state of compliance of your organisation
  • Access CCL’s living policy library for ongoing updates in light of regulatory change
  • Generate accurate and cost-efficient reporting to senior management

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